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  • Painter, musician (piano) and chorister, full-time member of the vocal formation of Xinum. 
  • From 1983 to 1993, she worked for puppet theatre companies, mainly with Théâtre du Fleuve which original Spanish artistic director and stage director José Sobrecases is very influenced by Spanish theatre and literature.
  • She participated in the creation of Toulousan festival Marionnetissimo and has been its press officer for 6 years. In 1993 she leaves Théâtre du Fleuve and since then she works mainly with French-Spanish and Argentinian artists : Carmen Linares, Nilda Fernandez, Vicente Pradal, Serge Guirao, Sergio Piterbarg. She also woks with puppeteers Horacio Peralta and Guillermo Fernandez , and Benoît Mardon French guitarist, composer and performer of flamenco and world music.
  • Press officer of the Les chemins Ibériques de Deodat de Severac music festival which planning extends to Spain and Italy every summer.
  • She works currently with comedians and stage directors such as : Jean-Pierre Beauredon, Jean-Jacques Mateu, Michel Broquin…with French singer Hervé Suhubiette as well for 4 ans for young audiences : la Java des couleurs, La Grande Évasion great price of the Adami and the Charles Cros Academy in 2003, FNAC and JMF price.
  • Today she keeps accompanying young artists and help them build a recognition with music bands Alfie Ryner Memorial, jazz band, Zingabé, afrobeat band, dancer Sara Martinet.


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