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  • Born in Argentina in 1963, Sergio studied orchestra and choral conducting, composition as well as several instruments performance (piano, guitar, violin and singing) at the Universidad de la Plata as well as the conservatories J.J Castro and Gilardo Gilardi as well as at the Brasilia International Program. A the same time attended training programs in educational methods and music therapy. He continued his research for some years and developped a methodology to approach musical interpretation and released an article," The energy in musical interpretation", that was selected at the 4th World Music therapy congress.
  • Between 1991 and 1994 he conducted the orchestra Camerata Juvenil de Buenos Aires and the Opera de Camara de Buenos Aires. In 1995 He continued his studies in orchestral conducting in Barcelona and in 1996 he moved to Paris where he completed his studies in orchestral conducting, composition and electro acoustics at the Ecole Normale, CNSM de Paris and at the IRCAM.
  • In 2000 he founded the vocal-instrumental ensemble XINUM, with the aim to build a a musical bridge between France, Spain, Italy and the three Americas and disseminate both the ancient music and the discovery of the music of the 20th and 21st centuries.
  • His main compositions are: Lamdelam - oratorio for strings orchestra, choral ensemble piano and percussions. Modal Insight I, II and II - performances for dancer, instruments and electronic arrangements. Las Diez lunas del Chaman... opera for instrumental and choral ensemble, soloists and electronic arrangements (tribute to Don Quixote). In 2012 he created a performance as a tribute to Astor Piazolla: "Un punado de esplin" for cords quintet, choral ensemble, piano, accordion where he played the roles of conductor, singer and pianist.
  • In 2010 Sergio became owner of the Ancient Auzits Convent to create an Artist Residency open to all art disciplines that hosts musical and visual artists in residence where he offers his unique approach Musical Performance Coaching based on his more than 30 years of research in this domaine.
  • In 2015 he co-created with visual artist Gerard Marty the performance-installation Voyages as an exploration of the interaction between music and images through the gesture, video-mapping, sensors, score following devices and real time sound and image processing (IRCAM).
  • Currently Sergio is working with Argentinian stage director Juan Carlos Fontana, on two new performances around Tango: Solotango (music and poetry show) and L’Orangotan: a performance with sonic and visual environments driven by realtime motion-sensing systems, electroacoustic compositions, virtual (IRCAM-Modalys) and real instruments (piano, bandoneon, guitar and voice).


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  • Painter, illustrator and graphic designer
  • Gérard Marty lives and works in Rignac, Aveyron since 1984.  He works in school, psychiatric and prison environments. He goes from black and white to colour, from little to big format... 
  • For a few years, he's been organising cultural events for the city of Rignac and the Communes community of the rignacois country. He published many books at comic-based editions such as Requins marteaux, L’Association, or Ouï-dire productions. 
  • He has worked with many newspapers and national magazines such as Libération, Le Monde, Le Figaro-Madame, Psychologies…  
  • In 2000, Gérard Marty published at éditions Verticales a graphical novel entitled «Encore mort, déjà vivant» written by writer and journalist Arnaud Viviant.

Pave Fontana


Born in Buenos Aires in 1951, he studied mise en scène in ADEM and is a graduate of the career of dance-movement-therapy of CAECE University.He is a journalist specializing in film and theater critic of the daily La Prensa, as well as collaborator of the daily Perfil and others magazines.

He directed and staged: "Nacimiento al sol" - "Que es la guerra" - "El psicoanálisis" - "Mira como arde el aire" - "Punto o grupo postnuclear - "El hombre de la flor en la boca" - "Las chicas del mambo" - "Inquietudes de una mujer" (invited to participate in the festival new scenic trends work, organized by CELCIT and the city of Buenos Aires) - "Medea" - "Dreams, dreams, dreams" - "Salome" - "Postgramatica 1" - "Lamento equino" (co-author and director) - "Slaughter", by invited to International Festival of Mercosur, Cordoba, 2005 - "Muñequita o juremos con gloria morir" - "Borges" by Rodrigo Garcia (invited to the III Festival of independent theater "Otra latitud", Mexico, the 5th intercultural Iberoamerican theater meeting (ENITI) in Bolivia and the National Theatre, for a national tour in 2013. "Borges" by Rodrigo Garcia is selected to participate in the IX International Festival of Buenos Aires (FIBA), 2013. "El retrato del pibe" by José González Castillo is chosen by the Ministry of Culture and Heritage of the city government of Buenos Aires.

In 2016, prepares and directs the world premiere of "El Orfeo" by Alejandro Tantanian.

He was a jury in the following competitions:

Contest "Unpublished works of theater", organized by the Fondo Nacional de las Artes.

Theatre World Award, by the Centro Cultural Rojas, University of Buenos Aires,

Grants for the creation, research and development, organized by the Fondo Nacional de las Artes

Clarin Entertainment Awards: jury in the dance area.


Pave Claude Clement en


  • Born in the Moroccan Atlas in Berber country, between Marrakech and Ouarzazate, where she lived a childhood filled with wonder, Claude Clement then spent a few years near Montpellier, before a major part of his life runs in Paris . She now lives in a small village of Aveyron.
  • He holds a law degree, which she has never served, she shifted to the study of Slavic languages such as Czech (to "Langues-O") and Slovak (at the University of Bratislava), this which led her to be selected and to collaborate freely in Literature Seminar by Milan Kundera. Before devoting himself entirely to his own writings, she has translated and adapted a number of story books, especially for Gründ editions.
  • From his numerous children's books, the best known is certainly Le luthier de Venise (edited by École des loisirs), which she wrote an adaptation in opera for the Théâtre du Châtelet in 2004 (composer Gualtiero Dazzi; Conductor: Giorgio Barberio Corsetti).
  • Since then, she tirelessly pursues his writing, staging and training. Works such as wild Le Peintre et les Cygnes (Ed. Casterman), Long (Ed. Casterman) L'homme qui allumait les étoiles (Ed. Casterman) Le Mot sans lequel rien n'existe (Ed. La Martinière) La Funambule et l'Oiseau Peter (Ed. Milan), Un petit chaperon rouge (Ed. Grasset) La Ville abandonnée (Ed. Casterman) Le Masque de brumes (Ed. Milan), Petits Contes pour galoper (Ed. Glénat) La Poupée de bois tendre (Ed. Grasset) La Clédusilence (Ed. Grasset) ... were important steps of his route, which continues with Histoires de princesses and Royaumes inconnus (Milan), Au pays de la prison d'or (Le Seuil), Contes du Japon (Milan) ...
  • Passionate about the intimate relationship of text and image, publications are mostly albums, illustrated by artists such as Frederic Clement, John Howe, Georges Lemoine, Daniela Cytryn, Claire Degans, Jame's Prunier, Isabelle Forestier, Yan Thomas Princess Camcam ...
  • She is also author of novels, the most recent is titled Les Fous d'oliviers (Ed. Thierry Magnier) Hymne d'amour à la Provence, collections of poems such as Ballade en tête (Ed. Lo Pais) Croquis intimes and chansons douillettes (Ed. Rain 'Stars), dramas, documentaries and biographies.
  • Having immersed in an essentially musician family background, his desire was to marry his texts to classical or contemporary music. This led her to create her own company, Auteurs-en-Scène, in which she collaborated with musicians of all styles, in order to adapt his stories and tell them in front of an audience composed of adults and children.
  • Showman in the soul not stand any label or classification, but leading each of its businesses with the most stringent requirement, she was approached by managers from Château de Chenonceau, to write a narrated tour recorded on iPod, available for visitors worldwide.
  • His choice of living in Aveyron result of a deep desire for peace and creation, among the horses, best original companions.

Pave Sara Martinet en
  • The body language has always been part of my daily life, very naturally. I grew up the body "unbridled", because the dance, movement in itself gives me intense joy. Between 5 and 16 years, I course "danse expression" given by my mother, in which there is more than a technical one, means for learning to be, to become, and to express themselves freely, in itself and with others.
  • At 19, with a very unusual cultural background, I launched into various technical training, during which I fed me all that I meet, curious and surprised to get to tame my body. In three years the CDC (Choreographic Development Centre), the CTC (Toulouse Choreographic Centre) and the James Carles studio, I meet many classic teachings, jazz, and contemporary, some of which are more marked (Ingeborg Liptay, Pierre Meurier Mladen Mate ric, Serge Ricci ...) After obtaining the Proficiency Exams technique in contemporary dance and jazz, I realize my first experiences as a performer in several companies, including Mr. Coy Toulouse Linea ( Frédéric Jollivet). In parallel, I conduct personal research by writing solos, drawing gradually develop my language and my own corporeality.
  • In 2007, a first choreographic trio with a bath and a musician launches Les baigneurs company, and I export my dance in urban spaces; an adventure out theater source of learning, meetings and creations ... four years dancing in the open air, an open door that can not be closed ...
  • Today I dance in the cies Mr. Linea, Sophie Carlin, and Les Baigneurs.
  • My training continues to new sights: Argentine tango, vertical dance. 
pave Paul Claudel en
  • Well known personality in the cultural field in Midi-Pyrenees, he chair the Maison des Ecritures de Lombez since 2007. This institution welcomes writers in residence and develops an activity-based meetings and training of "Médiateurs du livre" in Midi-Pyrenees.
  • He also participates in the literary cafés of Plaisance du Touch and Tournefeuille.
  • He supporting all artistics projects of Le CouveNt.
  • "Being an actor of development of reading and writing, be placed into a partnership approach, combining efforts, cross literature and the other arts, are the objectives and methods that has given the Maison des Écritures Lombez - Midi- Pyrenees."

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