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Graduated from the National School of Decorative Arts in Paris in 1989, (Master of Art-  Stage Design), I worked for 15 years in the show by contemporrain sets built, videos, performances. These shows were shown at the Centre Pompidou of Paris, at IRCAM, the  Theatre Nanterre Amandiers, in the Friche de la Belle de Mai in Marseille, as well as in many cities of France and Reunion island.
I participated in a fantastic theatrical adventure in Peru (Tintas Frescas program supported by the French Institute) with the poet director Jacques Rebotier. We worked with Peruvian actors and went in several Pueblos to a street show. We then showed in the Amazon in very little villages in the forest.
Since 2009, I have devoted myself entirely to work as an artist, making design, embroidery and visual performances (with the overhaed and Vjing Application Modul8).  I participated in 2011at the Kaunas Biennale, the Biennale de Mexico, exposed to Centre d’Art Albert Channot, Clamart, in 2012, exhibited at the Gallery in Paris from July to September 2013. I am currently preparing a drawing exhibition at the Galerie L'Usine in Paris which will start on October 26.





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