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Music is in the center of my collaborative art as a rhythmic expression of the light and form. In my new series Sacred and Erotic my inspiration was in capturing the motion of the Neolithic female figurines in response to music whose erotic movements serve as an ancient ritual dance. The residency I’m looking for will give me opportunities to develop my idea of perceiving the traditions in different countries. In my projects I’m incorporating always music or dance to visualize the idea. The place which I’ll share with other artists will inspire the collaborative process in my art, and will exchange the culture of the traditions. How the traditions are responding to the society if we develop arts in the context of modern expression? To complete successfully the project I’ll need 4 weeks to stay and to create art in context of French culture and environment. The best time for me to stay there is from March to June. I’m speaking English, Bulgarian, Polish and Russian, understand a little French.
“The work of Kina Bagovska’s series Sacred and Erotic is a collection of twelve mixed media drawings offering a vision of the creative process of the artist as a sacred ritual. Sacred and Erotic is a continuation of Bagovska’s previous work in the series Earth and Fire, which showed at ARC Gallery in 2011. As in Earth and Fire, the drawings in Sacred and Erotic depict the female forms of ancient Thracian figurines on a large scale. Bagovska uses clean, rhythmic, minimalist lines and graceful arches in keeping with the simplicity of the ancient figures themselves. Her use of natural materials, including rough sand and transparent silk, recalls the materials used for the early clay figurines. The curves of the silhouettes suggest an ancient association between mountainous landscapes and the form of a woman’s body. Each of the twelve drawings contains a biblical reference that Bagovska uses to bring a sense of holiness or sanctity to the figures.” Ann O’Brien, artist




Kina Bagovska is born in Bulgaria and has more than 30 years experience in the arts, education and journalism. She received a Master of Arts degree from Academy of Arts in Poland. Since 2000 Kina is living in Chicago where she has been teaching arts in Triton college and in her private art studio. She has been a member of ARC Gallery, Chicago since 2002.

M.A. in Painting and Graphics, Academy of Arts, Lodz, Poland
Industrial Design,  National Academy of Arts, Sofia, Bulgaria
School of Fine Arts, Sofia Bulgaria

2008 - 2010 -Triton College, Chicago, IL – Instructor of Drawing
2007 - Present – Founder of Private Studio of Arts, “The Master”
1980 - 2000 - High School of Design, Sofia, Bulgaria - Instructor of Graphic Design
2001 – Present – Journalist and art critic for the Bulgarian newspaper in Chicago

2008 - Grant  by Illinois Arts Council, Chicago, IL - Legend of Bread - Collaborative art
2007 - Award of Excellence, Maria Pappas – Treasurer of Cook County, Chicago,  IL
2004 - Honorary Mention - Latin American Art Museum, Miami, Fl, Women in the Arts - 2004,
2002 - Grant by Illinois Arts Council, Chicago, IL, Seeds of the Light,

2013 - Sacred and Erotic, Shipka 6 gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria
         - Sacred and Erotic, ARC Gallery, Chicago, IL
2011 - Earth and Fire, ARC Gallery, Chicago, IL
2010 - Running Lights, ARC Gallery, Chicago, IL
2009 - Drawings & Paintings, Thracian Stan, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
2008 - Legend of Bread, Arc Gallery, Chicago, IL     
2007 - Pallet and Bass, Polish Cultural Center, Sofia, Bulgaria
2006 - Passion, Silesian Gallery, Wroclaw, Poland
           Icons, ARC Gallery, Chicago, IL
2003 - Rhythm, ARC gallery, Chicago, IL                                                                                                                              
2002 - Seeds of Light, Ukrainian National Museum of Chicago, IL
2001 - Truman College, Chicago, IL
2000 - To Open a Window, Hungarian Cultural Center, Sofia, Bulgaria
1999 -  Music and Space, Polish Cultural Center, Sofia, Bulgaria
1997 - The Art of The Silence, National Museum Earth and Man, Sofia, Bulgaria
1996 - The Echo of Rodopy, National Academy of Sports – Sofia, Bulgaria

2013 - ARC 40th Anniversary, ARC gallery, Chicago, IL
2012 – Blox, ARC Gallery, Chicago, IL
           The Peace project, Culver City, CA
            ReInvention, ARC Gallery, Chicago, IL
           Atrium Exhibition, Thompson Center, Chicago, IL
2011  - Self Portraits, Arts exchange - Genie de la Bastille - Arc Gallery, Espace Kiron, Paris, France
           Ethnic art spree, Thompson center, Chicago, IL
           Architecture as an open space, Thompson Center, Chicago, IL
           AAF, Manhattan, New York
           Art Lab, Future artist, Ravenswood, Chicago
2010 - Urban/Convergence, ARC Gallery, Chicago, IL
           Art WALK - Ravenswood, Chicago, IL
2008 - Member’s group show, ARC gallery, Chicago, IL
           Feminist Ecology, Oakton College, Des Plains, IL
           Chicago Art Open, CAC, Mеrchandise Mart, Chicago, IL
2007 - 5foot2, Arc Gallery, Chicago, IL
           Peace Tower, Chicago Cultural Center, juried, Chicago, IL
2005 - Chicago Art Open, Chicago, IL
           Poetic Dialogue, Arc Gallery, Chicago, IL
           WASPS, Patriothall Gallery, Edinburgh, UK
2004 - Personae, ARC Gallery, Chicago, IL
           Women in Art 2004, Latin American Museum, Miami, FL
           Rendezvous, Duque Art Center, New Orleans, LA   
           Poetic Dialogue, Poetry-Women-Art, ARC Gallery, Chicago, IL, catalogue                                                                                                                                             
           ARC 30th Anniversary, ARC gallery, Chicago, IL
2003 - The Mighty Midwest Biennial 2003, New Vision Gallery, Marshfield, WI  
2002 - 10 Gallery, Washington, DC
1998 - Artist-Nature, Installation at the Park of National Palace of Culture, Sofia, Bulgaria
1997 - Art on Paper, Shipka 6 Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria
1996 - Mural co-project, private commission, Soros Foundation, Sofia, Bulgaria
           Graphic Design, Shipka 6 Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria
1987 - Co-project, ceramic at the Lobby, Cultural Center, Momchylgrad, Bulgaria
1986 - Annual Exhibition of Art Teachers, Shipka 6 Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria
1985 – National competition of posters for the Moscow’s Festival – the Best Award ,  Sofia, Bulgaria
1984 – National exhibition of Graphic Design, Shipka 6 Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria
1983 - National Biennial of Theatrical Posters, Dimitrovgrad, Bulgaria

2008 - Present - Illinois Artisans of Chicago, IL
2002 - Present - ARC gallery, Chicago, IL;
1994 - Present - Union of National Bulgarian artists, Sofia, Bulgaria

Many Catalogues, books and TV shows, nationally and internationally.



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