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Working all year on major paintings in the hustle bustle of the city can be very draining. By the time summer rolls around I need a break, a fresh outlook and the countryside. Having said that, I can’t seem to leave behind work and so an art residency, for me, seems to be a perfect way to get away and create simultaneously.
I spent a month last summer in Greve , Italy at the artist residency, La Macina. There I produced video pieces that were site specific to the Church of San Cresci and I enjoyed this work immensely. 
I created the videos and also the music.
"...I would like to keep things simple, since two weeks may not be enough to produce anything major. I would like to refresh my drawing skills in a natural setting and create some music pieces". 
New York City and my temperament make producing a full time job. However, I see the need to play and renew in a new place that is not my studio. I do not have a specific goal, rather I would like to feed my creative muse with new ideas and surroundings.
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