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To doze. To achieve a state of mind between being a wake and being a sleep. Some might confuse this with taking a nap. Dozing off. But to simply write off the doze as an sedative, passive state of being? Well, I believe that would be a terrible shame.

I have always taken great interest in the idea of interference, and what it can tell us about the way that we interact with one another. I imagine how two different sound-waves meet and, instead of elimination one another, or continuing on the way the each were, they merge into one wave, a wave different from either of the ones that existed before. I perceive this idea to be one of the most beautiful explanations of what it means to communicate, to interact with other people or reach a understanding of something new: that one must have the courrage to leave ones own horizon and let it merge with someone else's in order to learn. That you have to have the courrage to, and be open for change.

To me the idea of dozing, is the idea of a different kind of interference. It is the idea of a state of mind where it is possible for the awake state and the dormant state, to communicate with one another, or rather: to become one. And I believe that there are things to be learn from the dozing state of mind.

The project The State of the Doze is an exploration of how the existence of this state of mind, where the sleeping mind is able to communicate with the conscious mind, has influenced and influences our reality. In this context the doze will be perceived not only as a physical phenomenon, but as an image of how reality and imagination are two sides of the same coin, and the doze, then, a medium through which they are allowed to communicate, to become one.

The Doze will come to represent the interference not only between consciousness and sleep, but also between concepts like the seen and the unseen world, reality and imagination, or science and belief. And the focal point of this project, thus is to examine how the co-existence

of these concepts manifests it self in our world.

If I got the chance to be an artist in residence at Le CouveNt, I would create a body of work, composed from the results of research, experimentation and the gathering of materials. The project would, in this respect, be very site-specific, as the history, culture, architecture, nature and people of the surroundings of Le CouveNt, would be my main source of inspiration and material, while working on this project. I would search in those fields for cases where The Doze is present, where a interference between different realities were to be found. Whether it be in the form of natural phenomenons, trees, stones, mountain formations or the minerals existing in grottos. In people's spirituality, folklore, stories, relationships or behaviors. In buildings, historical monuments, rituals or the course of a river.

I consider my work, to be a kind of storytelling. By collecting cases, maybe like the ones just mentioned, maybe entirely different ones, and by dialogue and interaction between myself and my surroundings, I would aim to gain new understandings and transfer those into a body of work, telling the stories of some the many ways in which a doze, a merging of different realities into one, manifests itself in this exact place.

In my work I often combine photography with text or video, and for this project I would do so as well. I explore how the different methods and the contexts in which they are used, can influence each other, and generate new understandings within a joint language, a kind of interference as well: the idea of letting two different 'languages' creating a new one when merged together. This has always played an important part in my work, and seems well-fitted for the project.

Ultimately, The state of the doze, is a project aiming to reach a greater understanding of some of the questions that is held within this world. The Argentine writer, Jorge Luis Borges once said ”The mind was dreaming. The world was its dream”. I want to take this idea serious, opening our eyes towards some of the extraordinary, that exists and take place, in this world, but is often unnoticed.

I believe the calmness at Le CouveNt would enable me to immerse myself in this project with an intensiveness and a focus, that is not possible in Copenhagen, and combined with the history, culture and nature found in Auvergne, these components, would be of incredible value, in order for me to realize the project. Adding to this, how ones senses sharpens when in new surroundings, as well as when close to nature, and how one learns from being around new people, not least in an international artistic environment, I can only imagine that a month at Le CouveNt would be a very unique chance for me and an extremely inspirational setting to work on this project within.




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