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"Elsewhere" is a self-documentary photo project that shows periodical space changes of me. In this process Italo Calvino has always been a guide for me. He gave me the idea of indispensible collaboration between human and space; how they act and effect each other in a natural way. While we dedicate spaces to ourselves in a place, space begins to assimilate and soak up us as an answer. It's almost impossible to be a stranger of a city. When I feel myself as a host rather than a guest in a temporary place, I begin to try change my landscape, look around in a different way just not to be soaked up entirely. I imagine, create stories and try to find different way to go home. He taught me that Utopia is not a figment of imagination but human reality; it is a necessity to live in. I began this project with a photography workshop in Turkey. In the scope of the workshop we were expected to prepare portfolios in different subject matters and discover our point of view towards the art of photography. The first subject was to photograph ourselves; whatever that makes our life. Then, other subjects would come. After a while, I realized that I could never go one step further from myself. I believed, if I didn't find what's inside of me, I could never turn my face to the others. The first reason why I decided to make it in the concept of a story book is to give people the chance to choose read or not. The second one is that series point out different places and phases of my life and development process. To witness all process of the series, I have been collecting them in a sketchbook. It gives the chance of awareness about what I did and will do for the next step. Because, in my opinion the process is also worth to see as well as the output. In "Prologue" series that I served you, I aimed to meet people, give clues about myself, give general idea about the time running around me. The first experience of being far from family after 18 years for my university education; living alone, the first scratches on my skin. (2012-2013, Turkey) In September 2013, I moved to a county in Sweden to make assistantship. In "Chapter l - On the Track of Humanity" series, which is still in progress, I am chasing some voices in that deep silence, coldness and darkness. I want people, who are used to live inner side of their circle of tradition, to accept my existence in here. As a conclusion, "Elsewhere" is a story of being. The aim is to wait and keep an account of the past while standing at the possible stops of a voyage to be 'myself'. It is unknown for now that how many chapters the story is going to have.
"And Marco's answer was: 'Elsewhere is a negative mirror. The traveller recognizes the little that is his, discovering the much he has not had and will never have.'" (I. Calvino, Invisible Cities,2002)
CANAN ERBİL Sweden,2014

Assistant Teacher of Photography and English : In Photography Lectures, critics on photography, lectures about art history, portfolio reviews, interdisciplinary approaches in photography (for ex: collage art, pop art); In English Lectures, presentations about developing intercultural awareness, speaking on daily or preset topics.

1-Bursa International Photography Festival-l (2012) : Actively participated in curating exhibitions and exhibition areas during the preparation of the First International Photography Festival in Bursa, Turkey. During the festival, charged as an assistant and interpreter of photographers coming from different countries (Ken Light, Robert Stevens, Bruno Barbey).
2- Uludag University Photography Amateurs Society (UFAT) / (2010-still) : Participated as a member of board in Uludag University Photography Amateurs Society for 4 years. Theoretical photography lectures and practical dark room technique lessons were given. Contribution to preparation of workshops, artist talks, and exhibitions within the context of UFAT Photography Festival holding every year in Bursa, Turkey. During the 8th UFAT Photography Festival, primarily responsible for the communication between universities, but contributed in every process of the festival. Participated photography events as much as possible and have the members of society participated, as well. By organizing photo excursions it was both carried on traditions of the society and found new discovery fields.

1-"Remind me of..." Photobook Workshop, Slottegymnasiet (2013-still) : It has been being given the chance of discovery and express themselves through the photography to the students of Media Department in Slottgymnasiet to where it has been being made assistantship. Within the scope of this project, students are expected to make a book by integrating different items and techniques with their photos. It is given an independent space to work on. At the end of this project, it is being planned to make a book including all outputs.
2-"Türkiye'nin Uçları//The Edges of Turkey" Photography Project (2013-still) : It was started to the project which has been collaboratively carried out with particularly Uludag University Photography Amateurs Society (UFAT), The Photography Society of Dokuz Eylül University (DiFOT/DeFOT), The Photography Society of İstanbul Technical University (İTUFK), and KA Fotoğraf Geliştirme Atölyesi (KA Photography Culture Workshop) in May, 2013. Within the scope of this project it is aimed to take the art of photography from the high culture of the country and let it spread general. Thereupon, it was made an open call particularly to the university photography societies and the other photography collectives, which have been subsisting in Turkey. In accordance with the responses made, a number of workshops have been being held with KA Fotoğraf Geliştirme Atölyesi. The project is still in progress.

1- İstanbul Technical University Photography Festival 5, May/2013
2-Middle East Technical University Photography Festival, March/2013
3- UFAT Photography Festival 8, April/2012
4-Bursa International Photography Festival, September/2012

1- Comenius Assistantship in Slottegymnasiet, Sweden (September, 2013 - June,2014)  : It is an international youth exchange programme for the teacher trainees in Europe to develop intercultural awareness, study on different educational systems, get experienced for the sake of being well-educated teachers and contribute educational system of their own country. It is funded by European Union and National Agency of Turkey.

1-“Untitled Memories”, Photography e-book, printed version is available on request.

1-Robert Stevens School of Visual Arts and International Center of Photography 530 West 236th Street, Apartment 3G, Riverdale, NY 10463 USAThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
2-Cemil Batur Gökçeer -


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