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I am a visual artist who thrives on blending together the old and new to inspire a unique reading of the past and its relevance to the present. Le CouveNt embodies this artistic philosophy through its historically rich location and structures combined with fostering contemporary dialogue and interaction of artists in all media. The images that I gravitate to have a conventional quality of beauty, in subject, color and quality of light, all of which are abundant in the Aveyron region of France. However, my main purpose is to provide conceptual depth to this otherwise superficial aesthetic concern. The functions and failings of memory, methods of recording time and place, and sharing through techn
ology all become the vehicles for the intellectual approach to the beautiful image. Aveyron, know to have ‘the most beautiful villages of France’, would provide the perfect subjects of landscape, architecture, and light quality. The dedicated time, workspace and interaction with fellow Le CouveNt residents would afford the necessary context for further development of the concepts driving the images.
My current work utilizes the traditional methods of drawing and painting combined with the contemporary methods of digital photography, mapping software and social media. Additionally, this work fuses together a historical approach to landscape and cartography imagery with the modern language of time, place, memory and communication.  My time spent at Le CouveNt would begin with photographing the surrounding landscapes, villages and architecture to document the beauty of the specific place.  The time of image capture, methods of image filtering and exact geographic location provided through mapping software would also be part of early project development.  These images and written documentation are shared immediately through social media channels to begin the interactive dialogue of the project.
To complete the foundation aspects of the project, additional time would be spent researching and documenting the use of color and surface in the art and architecture of the region. This research would be used to develop the color palette and surface qualities of the photographic images.  Dialogue with fellow Le CouveNt  temporary residents as well as permanent village residents would provide new perspectives and a sense of personal history to the static images of landscape, color and light.
After careful editing, a selection of black and white photographic images would be printed and mounted to wood panels and paper. These images would be drawn and written on with elements taken from all modes of written documentation.  After applying a thin coat of microcrystalline wax, the images are further developed with translucent colors of oil to convey the specific historical/cultural connection to color and surface discovered through research. This color application would also be used to convey the specific qualities of light in the region during the residency period.
My project goal is to complete a series of ten works on panel and ten works on paper during the residency period. 


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