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Ekin Kirimkan
Ekin Kirimkan was born in Ankara in 1978. Trained in drawing at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels, she was introduced to printmaking at the Academy of Ixelles. She joined the Atelier de la Main Gauche in 2010 and teaches printmaking since 2012. His research is based on the fundamentals of stratigraphy and the principle of succession of layers or strata that make up the earth's crust. It refers as well to the possible geometric relationships between these layers (superposition, horizontality, intersection, inclusion, lateral continuity, unconformity) and the existence of fossils (traces related to the activity of organisms).
The trace (or footprint) induced postponement reveals a simple principle related to the existence of fossil: "In the case of a solid body within another solid body, the first of the two to become solid is the one who printed on the other, the characteristics of its own surface. "(Steno) This reflection on stratigraphic elements involves careful attention to chronology and thus structuring steps in the creation process.
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Atelier de la main gauche
Atelier professionnel de gravure à Toulouse
Exuvie (surimpression -1-)

Exuvie IV

Eau-forte en surimpression -20 x 15 cm – 2015


Cnidaires I

Cnidaires 1

Eau-forte – 18 x 10 cm – 2014


Objet partiel IV
Objet partiel IV
Eau-forte et gaufrage – 15 x 15 cm – 2014
Sans titre 003

Sans titre

Eau-forte et pointe sèche – § x 10 cm – 2015



Sans titre 003

Sans titre

Eau-forte et pointe sèche – § x 10 cm – 2015

Sans titre (sur papier blanc)


Eau-forte et pointe sèche – 10 x 10 cm – 2015


Concert dynamin 200


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