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Madame Claude Dynamin
Madame Claude rock band in concert at the European Centre
The Centre Européen de Conques (Conques European Centre) welcomes Le Printemps du CouveNt Festival with a rock concert by Madame Claude in the auditorium of the European Centre, Friday, June 12, at 20 pm 30. In May 2014, Madame Claude won the music competition Tremplin Dynamin (which is geared towards musicians and / or groups of Aveyron) and enjoying a year of artistic coaching with Sergio Piterbarg, orchestral conductor, artistic director of Le Couvent and Sébastien Chaigneau, sound engineer of Le Ztudio. Madame Claude is a French rock band mid-Aveyron, part of Toulouse, which found its current form in 2013. The house's trademark Claude: two instruments usually confined to classical music (violin and bassoon) in addition to the traditional guitar-bass-drums.
With this originality, this quintet form an eclectic group as its members (two musicians trained in classical, both trained in jazz and rock) as his influences (from Queens of the Stone Age to Beethoven, from Led Zeppelin to Bob Marley, Beatles Stevie Wonder via Eiffel, Marcus Miller or the Smashing Pumpkins ...). Result: a rock pataphysics unruly that ignores the endless variations, divisions - or segregation - current musical styles in genre and sub-genres. Is it utopian to expect the music it does not happen social boundaries, cultural or political divide men? Their credo: "Noise for all!". Their motto: "The most important thing is that it grooves," because "we are not at Shopi brothel!".
Single Price: 10 (free for children under 10); June 12 at Centre européen.


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