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Nathalie Tousnakhoff
Nathalie Tousnakhoff was born in 1968 in Rennes. A graduate of Decorative Arts in Paris in 1991, she worked as a calligrapher for French luxury houses for 10 years and is moving towards the youth edition as author and illustrator. She discovered the engraving in 2009. "A graduate of Decorative Arts in Paris, I practiced the illustration and calligraphy for many years. In 2009, during a trip to Tasmania, I discovered the work of Australian writers. It was a revelation and upon my return, I enrolled in AtelierdelaMainGauche in Toulouse, which I am part of the Collective today. My training and my practice of calligraphy inspires me to work very figuratively, sometimes to read words into my prints. I burn flowers, birds, faces smiling. I am inspired by my travels, but also by a bush in a small urban garden. I design with very little depth of field, I like things to be close. The color plays a key role in my work, I explore all possible ways to integrate it into my prints. "(Nathalie Tousnakhoff, June 2014)


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Atelier de la main gauche
Atelier professionnel de gravure à Toulouse
Stylo graveur et aquatinte

Mes oiseaux (bleu)

Stylo graveur et aquatinte – 28,5 x 30,5 cm – 2014



Stylo graveur et aquatinte – 31 x 24 cm – 2014

Stylo graveur

Li Jun

Stylo graveur et aquatinte – 26 x 28 cm – 2015

Suspension 2

Suspension (2)

Pointe sèche sur plexiglas – 14 x 14 cm – 2015

Le doute (rouge)

Le doute (rouge)

Stylo graveur et aquatinte – 27 x 29 cm – 2014



Concert dynamin 200


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