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For this new edition, le Printemps du CouveNt emphasizes Voyage(S), the new creation of Sergio Piterbarg (composer - performer) and Gerard Marty, (designer and visual artist). Follow all the events attached to the event, to support the different stages of the creation !!!
But before this Printemps 2015, will start in June, with "PUNCH" 4th creation of the brilliant dancer and choreographer Sara Martinet. It will cross during his residency at Le CouveNt, the winner of the Springboard Dynamin (organized in 2014 and Le CouveNt) Madame Claude, rock group.
Thus, on June 10, the inauguration of this Printemps 2015, will offer an attractive program with a bonus impromptu meeting between Sara Martinet and Madame Claude.
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