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“Layers and layers and layers; one to another to another ; like one breath ; to another ; to the another; to the other ; just like climbing a big tree ; turn back , nobody , no BODY ; step by step , the fragrance touching me , my body , your body ;our body , exterior and interior ; outside and inside. Moving to one corner to the other, mesmerizing. PAUSE.”

The above piece (self written) is a part of my audio performance in Lahore, Pakistan.

I (as an artist living in Lahore, Pakistan) would like to work on the idea of Revisiting A, B and C.

By conducting research/ideas/thoughts on these alphabets (language; linguistics, story-telling), and also experiencing each day in a country like France ; then through the medium of video/performance; or mix media; produce visuals to my own adaptation of A, B and C.

A, B and C ; as not only the initial alphabets to grammar , but also as a series of constructing spaces through sound performance in Le Couvent as a part of my installation/performance. Furthermore, the final art piece is proposed to be a sound performance; installed over the spread of three days or three rooms; with each installation depicting three different imaginary/invisible spaces; in the empty space/room.

Since my art practices are inclined towards performing in the society, where performance of the female body is considered forbidden, it makes me (as an artist) more inclined towards different approaches to performance art. I often ask myself “What if a body is not present in the performative act?”

As to my proposal, sound performance / installation will be installed in the area of Le Couvent , particularly the hallways ; or perhaps I would like to construct three different rooms (as per revisiting A , B and C) and the three rooms may have three different sound performances by the artist in residence.

The sound performance, installed as a final piece of art may be the result to research and processes during the stay at Le Couvent; making full use of the sound recording equipment provided in the grant.

Also, the equipment may further be experimented with during the residency.

Through this act, Le Couvent (location) may add to the experience of sound and performance collectively; and provide a basis for experiential art to a diverse audience in France.

Furthermore, my experience of each day at Le Couvent will also be documented (audio/written) as a part of my process to the final artwork; in which case the location, and the particular experience of the environment; serves a very important role to the performance.

Thereby, as a working artist in Pakistan; experience has formed a major part of my art practices in producing video artworks, performances and photography or other forms of art.


Who am I? Where do I belong? Are the questions of identity that gave birth many of the ideas behind my artworks. As a working artist in the city of Lahore, Pakistan; I am faced, every day with new challenges regarding ‘art-making’ Exploring my inner-self through various mediums of drawings, sculptures, paintings, performances and video art; produced a different kind of visual language with my inner paradigm and the audiences. Each artwork has an elaborated concept of personification or perhaps embodiment of the hidden “Me” in them; to which the public reacts in an eye-opening experience that takes the viewer by a strong, unexpected impression. “Do you really have this much hidden in you?” are one of the reactions of people viewing my work. Creation of a personalized expression, with myself and the audiences; in an experiential space is one of my highlighted concerns.

I also work in mediums of video, photography and performance in a unique way to express human relationships and thoughts; that come from personal observations and experiences. Living in a country like Pakistan, Lahore (city); I have also portrayed activism through my art; which has gained popularity and education amongst the masses in terms of feelings and emotions. “Performance” by the female body in a Pakistani society is seen to as something forbidden, which gave new directions to my art practices to question the idea “What if there is no body present in the performance?”. This idea resulted in sound performances in spaces. Creating a more diverse approach to experiencing “the unseen”.

Art has always provided me a world where I can express without censorship and fear; regardless of the entire unfavorable, environment as to make art. With certain paradigms of the human society, I have been questioning various aspects to my existence in the community as well.As a history of a Pakistani female artist, I continue questioning the society’s various happenings and experiences through my art.



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