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The “le CouveNt” Grant for artists encourages the mobility of young artists as well as the expression of cultural diversity. The grant is aimed to worldwide emerging artists, from all disciplines, willing to create new works at “le CouveNt”.


To apply, the artist must have a precise project and commit themselves to execute it during their residency at "le CouveNt ”.


The art works produced during the residency at "le CouveNt “belong to the artist who is engaged to disclosing and introducing their artistic project to an audience in one of the exhibition areas at the end of his/her residency. Le CouveNt will publish a brochure and posters to show proof of the work achieved during the in-training residency


The artist might be requested to introduce their work to visitors & outside the time dedicated to creation, the artist will be called upon to show their work to an audience. Also and upon previous agreement with the artist, meetings and workshops shall be organized for different audiences allowing exchange, and involvement in the creation process.

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